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Cricket First XI 1969

First XI Football with Tom Hilton 1948

Please find attached a photo of the school 2nd XI hockey team from the
1972-1973 season.
There is only one person that I cannot identify,  the player standing second
from right in the back row*. The remainder are as follows: -
Back row left to right: Brian Draper, Clive(?) Powell, F Geoff Molloy, Alan
Little, Unknown, Bobby Seymour.
Front row: (?) Sansome, Pete Gilbert, Martin Seeley (captain) Ian Corkett,
Ian Webb.

Maybe somebody can identify the odd man out.
And answer the question as the the lack (by the standards of the photo) of
hair on Seeley and Corkett!!
Geoff Molloy

I don't know if he copied you in, but the mystery person in the photo is
Peter Old, who left the school in 1973. He sent me an email today.

First XI Football 1968