Bruce Moulson from Dandenong, Victoria, Australia writes:

I am enclosing a floppy disc kindly created by my son-in-law of a photograph of the 1951 junior and senior Prices Army Cadet sides which both won the country titles of that year. A report of the results and team members appeared in the Lion of July 1951.
I have struggled with some of the names, but as far as I can recall, through the mists of time, are as follows, with the junior side in the white shirts.
Rear- Porter? / Spencer? / ? / Williams / Tony Purkis / David Williams / Patrick Nobes
Middle- Judd? / ? / Barr? / ? / Teddy Byng / Bruce Moulson / Brian Byng / Rudling / Dimmock
Front- Collins? / Adams / ? / Percival / Peter Gregory / Brian Cozens / Rex Stubbington/ A J White.
Perhaps Patrick Nobes or someone else of that era could help with other names.

Gerry Grant suggests that these amendments:
Rear- Porter? / ? / ? / Williams / Tony Purkis / David Williams / Patrick Nobes
Middle-  Martin  Judd/ ? / Barr? /  Wassell (corrected to Glyn James) / Teddy Byng / Bruce Moulson / Brian Byng /  Rodney BAKER  /  NOT sure this is Dimmock (corrected to Keith Devlin)
Front- Collins? / Adams /  Rodney Porter  / Percival / Peter Gregory / Brian Cozens / Rex Stubbington/ A J White.

And our President, Patrick Nobes, responds:

Mr Sec
A couple of additions to the soccer photo.
Between Barr and Teddy Byng is Glyn James.
Next to Brian Byng (on the other side from Moulson) are Rodney Baker and Keith Devlin
Some other anons have faces I can remember, but can't recall names.  (One or two cannot possibly have been at the school!)
A fine body of boys!

David Williams recalls the competition:
Hi Michael,
I’m pretty certain that the second from left back row is Ron Spencer.  Having played in the senior eleven I am glad someone has corrected the original selection of names.  If my memory serves me well we beat the Aldershot XI in the semi-final by 3 goals to 1 and they included a number of England and County schoolboy representatives.  The final was a bit one sided and we won by a wide margin.  It is the first time I have seen the photograph; obviously my mother thought better of buying it!
David Williams

Hi Michael,
Further to the ACF county football final winners’ photograph provided by Bruce Moulson I can reveal this is team photograph taken at a later date on the school grounds.  The senior eleven one does not include David Rudling and Roger Dimmick who played in the final winning eleven won incidentally by beating Alton 11-0.  Patrick Nobes, Rodney Baker and Keith Devlin who appear in the photograph had played in earlier rounds along with Dore, Wadey and Weyman who do not feature.  This helps to explain to some degree by only ten players appear in the team’s strip as I believe Rodney Baker was the reserve for the final.
  The junior final winner team did include Clark and Hansford.  I am pretty sure that the second player in the middle row is Hansford whilst Wassell is certainly the fourth player in that row.  As there are twelve players in the photograph one has to assume Clark is one of the players either side of Spencer in the back row.  In the reports of the junior ties no mention is made of Glyn James so I am not sure if he played at all.  For the record the juniors won 5-0.
David Williams