Steve Lent recalls the 1963 Football Team


I hope you are well and coping with the lockdown. Not very helpful for Old Priceans Events! I look forward to some freedom of movement soon. 

One good thing about having nowhere to go, has been the time and incentive to sort out some old photos. I found the attached shot of the U13 Soccer team from 1967. Sorry, it is not a very good photo, a bit dog-eared I’m afraid. 

My attempt at remembering the team members is also pretty poor. My best guess is, L to R:

Back: Roger Cawte, ?, ?, Brett Westmore, Simon Whitby (behind) John Cole (master), ?, Chris Old, Robert Wilkinson.

Front: Paul Sayer, ?, Steve Fripp, Steve Lent (I.e. me), ?

Perhaps others can fill in the gaps?
I played Gosport & Fareham Schools district soccer (so did Steve Fripp), but (my recollection at least) is that Brett Westmore went on to be the best of this cohort. I went away to Wales for three years after this, and when I returned to Price’s for the 6th Form (1971-73), I could just make the school 2nd XI soccer team – too much rugby in Wales!
I very much appreciate you keeping me on the Society mailing list, and your more recent updates during the lockdown have been an added bonus – thank you.

Best wishes,

Steve Lent