Roy Smith provides photographs of the First 15 Rugby team

I was directed to the Prices site by an old friend of mine. Thought I would send you these photos of the U16 rugby team 1966-67 season and the 1st 15 of the same season.

U16 Standing: Lee, Elner, Devenish, Dashper, Lynch, Vote, Dixon, Llewellyn.
Kneeling: Gardner, Matthews, Salford, Smith, Parkinson, Simpson, Middleton.

I don't have the names of the 1st 15 but that's me bottom left. The sports master was Mr Wise I think, and there one or two from the photo already on the site.
I think that might be me next to Andy McPhee in the 67/68 photo. I must have been playing a year up as I don't recall playing in that team.

More detail on the 69/70 photo from Kev O Carroll.

Back row from left:

1. Unknown; 2. Ian Virgo; 3. Keith Dennis; 4. Mick Genge; 5. Andy Lowe; 6. Unknown; 7.Brian Gamblin; 8. Kelvin Parker; 9. The groundsman's son who ran the line for us
Middle Row from left: 1.Kenny Askew; 2.Mike Dashper; 3. Nigel Balchin; 4.Bob Lee; 5.Roger Lynch; 6.Mark Fisher; 7.Brian Moxey
Front: Andy Silvester and Kev OCarroll

Sqdn Ldr Ian Virgo writes:

I can shed some additional light on the Rugby names: Intermediate photo - the chap in the back row is Phil Hannam, not Dave Hannah. My photo - the chap next to me is Mark? Jones - always known as Jonesy! The other, next to Andy Lowe is Dave Lydford.