A reprise of some questions raised in Newsletter 15:


Honours – Civilian and Military: We have a list, but do not want to miss anybody out. If you think that so-and-so might have one, please make enquiries and let us know. Please get in contact to add anyone you are aware of, with a National Civilian Honour Military Gallantry Medal.

FAQ 1 response:  Present or past membership is not a condition of taking part. All relevant details are published on the Society website or in the monthly Newsletters

Information - In attempt to bring my Athletics archive records up-to-date, with photos and results, if anyone can help with the following, please get in touch with me:


Photos, with good clear definition (not photocopies, please, of :

Adams & Byng families

Where are the following?

Dick Donahoe, Alf Forder, Doug Watton, Grace twins

Sports Day Results lists, and                          successful performers in those years:           

1967, 1967, 1970, 1971,

M.Kelly, I.M.Burton, I.T.Farley, J.De’ath


Large, panoramic photos are not easy to deal with. But if you can scan segments for stitching together, and especially if you have names, please forward them to me.

FAQ 2 response:  Having spent time in the Sixth Form College is of particular interest as there is relatively little information from those years. Please make contact, and spread the word amongst class mates to find out how you might be able to help.


Sailing – Following the 11 years of great activity has shown the achievements of some remarkable people. The story is very interesting as it emerged from a casual, extra-curricular activity to become one of the School’s major achievement areas. What are missing are good contrast photos of personnel involved. Have you got any?


FAQ 3 response:  Almost certainly. Flat, paperwork items that can be scanned could be useful. Images of uniform bits will help, too. Certificates of a particular achievement will be of interest. Photocopies do not reproduce well, but scanned images can be good.


Swimming: Is there anybody out there who was a keen Swimmer at School or who has become a Swimming Coach, or Club administrator? Help is needed to manage the Lion magazine data on Swimming!


FAQ 4 response:  There is little we can be sure of in the present circumstances, but an intent to modify the current annual programme to make it of more interest to the “younger” Old Priceans is under consideration, to vary its content and make it more appealing.


ShootingThere was a lot of shooting activity in the School’s Cadet Force mentioned in the 1915-1918 lion magazines, but this was on an open-air range. This ceased with the post WW1 Governmental withdrawal of support for Cadet Forces. The range re-opened in 1928 and in 1960, the range became enclosed. That seemed to be the stimulus to the development of regular Club activity 1961 and 1972. Prior to its enclosure, wintertime shooting was occasionally at Fareham’s T.A. Hall. There was also outdoor shooting at the Browndown range on the southern coast at Gosport, Much of that activity was under the initiative of the C.C.F. 


FAQ 5 response:  The Expression Gazetteer came to mind when the incoming flow of information         needed a proper storage system and I set-up a Gazetteer file where such data could be held, arranged alphabetically . That file became so huge that it has had to be taken apart and replaced with a series of files labelled “A Surnames”, “B surnames” etc. This accommodates all the data more easily, though it has taken many days to set-up, transfer and filter all of the previously stored data – text and images.


Families – It is not surprising that there have been many families with 2 or 3 boys that have passed through the School. It is also not uncommon to find that one siblings gets much more mention in records than other(s). If that happened in your family, or if you know of a situation where that was the case, please make contact to help us ensure we are fair to all concerned.


FAQ 6 response:  Publishing is to be preceded by a process of thorough editing and the of book design. For that is what we propose the Gazetteer, Part 2 to be – a published book, the best estimation for which will be early-mid 2022.


The Park Lane site:  

Following its demolition in 1989, the land was given over to a new housing development. The Society had some influence on the naming of roads. The only vestige of the former School on that site lies in these road names and in the remnant sign for the local power sub-station!


Question 1? What local Company is linked by name to this site?


FAQ 7 response:  The “Extension / Sequel” are working titles for the 2nd version of the School’s History, This will not attempt to rewrite content in the 1971 publication, but there are references to it, especially with dates of significant events listed in the Price’s Timeline, included. The publication will look very different – larger format, lots of colour and photos. Mostly about events and activities, pupil-focussed, amusing and interesting, with coverage of School teams and Clubs etc, going-back to 1908!


Hitch-Hiking:  As a familiar road-side activity, little is seen of it these days, for parents would consider it fraught with risks and prospects of great harm, but In 1961, there was an amazingly bold endeavour to set-up a hitch-hiking race, in pairs, to Land’s End and back! Four others happened in ensuing years before a stop was imposed. That did not prevent 2 Sixth Formers defying the ban and doing it on their own in 1968.

Question 2: Can you do a “humorous” Risk Assessment for such a challenge, and also a Headmaster’s   b--------g  for the inherent dangers involved / perils to the School’s image?  A big challenge, for all with a creative sense amongst you! {Winning entry could be published in the “Extension”! Please don’t dally over this. Consider it your penance for all the things you got away with when at School!


FAQ 8 response:  Part 1 of the Gazetteer is proposed to be an on-line product. Such a listing of the basic essentials of all Priceans we have heard of will be brief, but at present, covers about 200 x A4 pages! Unlikely ever to be complete, publishing it in this format will make it possible for late entries when details are received and made available.


A Prank!

FAQ 9 response:  Not at present, but there is a move to create a programme that may include more Fareham meetings. Watch this space!


The Society of Old Priceans has had a life of fluctuating fortunes and disappointments in common with many other such organisations. The ending of the era of School Present vs Past termly matches, and their associated social functions was a blow, faced by all Past Pupils Associations – time was when the O.P.A. could turn-out three teams against the School. The closure of the School and its demolition was a very public statement of dismissal of what its previous worth had been. The advent of mobile phones and later of Social Media has given everybody different avenues of contact, to be more focussed and selective even. So, why bother at all? Well, that is something the Society’s Committee and others potentially concerned to offer their services, something to consider and work-on. Join us in that quest?

Question 3: If you have read this, and other Newsletters, please send a conformation email to the address at the end of the Newsletter.


FAQ 10 response:  Well, that speaks for quite a lot of people, some of the time! The very successful, at sport or in the classroom or with other distinctions, probably had a charmed and exalted life.


Doing all right:


Continuing from the FAQ  10 response: Most people, I am sure, encountered difficulties at one time or another , be they learning, or personal in kind. And, yes, there were some people whose behaviours did little by way of contribution to a productive life. My experience of a life in teaching has shown me what changes come over people as they metamorphose from youth to adult maturity.


In this Project, there have been contacts from people who quite plainly did not like this or that, leaving early, and maybe without much examination success. But there have been amazing transformations and, with an ability to understand what determines the character of a School, come to a realisation that at the least, it provided a stable platform from which to seek success and many opportunities to do so.


If success eluded you, if you were disgruntled, left without much acclaim, do make contact, or encourage those you know to do so, to have a discussion about what …..


My story at School was one of slow, then late development, and I benefitted greatly from inspirational teaching from two new-to the-school  teachers, and opportunities to gain success in 2 other, extra-curricular activities.


FAQ 11 response:  That really depends on the input of new members and what they have to offer. Within the existing membership, there is a wide variety of people well-able to give interesting talk or musical or other entertaining contributions that would enliven future social programmes. It will be interesting to see what arises from FAQ s 4, 9 and 11. Over to you!


All contacts in response to items in this Newsletter please to :-