School Judo Team 1972/3

John Tompkins writes:

Hi Michael,

The black and white photograph was taken in the gymnasium at Prices,
whilst we were trying to break the world record for continuous judo
training in 1972 or 1973.   We broke the previous record of about 24
hours and raised about 200 - 300 pounds to buy a new mat.

Unfortunately, the Judo Instructors were all from the Royal Navy, all
from the same establishment, The main instructor was called "Rod"
Their whole ship was posted up to a base in Scotland so the Judo club
folded in about 1974.

I can't remember that many names,
Top Row 3rd from Left was a boy called Smith,  his father was a
Teacher at Prices who taught mathematics.
I am middle row 3rd from Left.
Front row 2nd from Left is Chris Davies.
I also remember that there were two brothers in the photo, Top row 1st
left and bottom row, 6th from left.

The colour photograph was taken at a grading which was held in  a
social club at Fawley Oil Refinery. in about 1972.  As you can see all
of the boys have the Prices Badge on their Judo suits.

I am still trying to locate the original press cutting.  When I find
it I will email you a copy.  

Best regards John