School Photo 1970

Ian Virgo provides a scan of the 1970 Prices School Panorama:

Here is the whole file in pdf format


O'Neil (Physics)
Ken Newman (Maths)
Buzz Ellis (History & RI)
Mr Stevens (Chem)
Hovis Brown (Chem
Porky Owen (Maths)
John Cole (Maths)
Dedley Hedley (Bilge)
Smudge Smith (Maths)
Jewy Briscoe (TD & Woodwork)
Taffy Howard-Jones
Flo Foster
Tom Hilton
Dog Iredale (Physics)
JB Chaffey (Geog)
Bill Openshaw (Latin)
Bob Nash (English)
Jeff Kerley (Geography)

"Geordie" Smith (Bilge)
Barker (Maths)
Gus Gross (English)
Mrs Buckley
Mr Hobson (Latin)
Jock Daysh (Geog & RAF War Stories)
Hunt (Maths & Woodwork)
Twitch Vale or Vail (Mitch can put me right) (Latin)
Rubbers Johnson (English)
Don Perry (History)
Andy Jay (German & French)
Pete Chapman (French)
Bob Gilbert
Marcus Charles Tuck (Jock Strapper)


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The Society of Old Priceans for staff and pupils of the former Prices Grammar School, Park Lane, Fareham, Hampshire founded 1721 demolished 1989.

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