Objectives and Constitution of the Society

The Objectives of the Society of Old Priceans


  1. To establish and maintain contacts between past students and staff of Price’s School and Price’s College at Fareham in Hampshire.
  2. To seek and exploit opportunities to perpetuate the name of our founder, William Price and to raise and maintain awareness of his contribution to the educational well being of the town. 
  3. To collect, collate and preserve School and Society archives. 
  4. To foster fellowship between all members of the Society through a programme of social and other events.
  Constitution and Rules of the Society of Old Priceans


  1. The Club name                                                                              3.4           Subscriptions
    1. Qualifications for Membership                                       4.0           Management
  2. Membership                                                                                5.0           Elections


    1. General Membership                                           6.0           Annual General Meetings


    1. Honorary Membership                                       7.0           Accounts


    1. Disciplinary                                                               8.0           Alterations to Rules




  1. The Club Name
        1. The club shall be known as “The Society of Old Priceans”.
  1. Qualifications for Membership
    1. Membership of the Society shall be open to all past members and friends of Price’s School and Price’s College at Fareham in Hampshire.
  1. Membership.
    1. General membership of The Society may be sought by application as follows.


3.1.1         Application for membership must be made on a form obtained from the Hon. Treasurer who shall submit the details of the application to the Committee for consideration. The application shall be accompanied by the requisite joining fee. The decision of the Committee as to election shall be final.



    1. Honorary membership of The Society may be awarded by decision of the Committee as follows


3.2.1         An award of Honorary membership may be made by The Society to any person who has, either through membership or otherwise, given to The Society or The School exemplary service or support to the Aims and Objectives of The Society worthy of general acclamation of such recognition.          


3.2.2         Such an award shall follow nomination of a potential candidate by not less than two officers of The Society and three general members. Such nomination shall be submitted in first instance to a meeting of the Committee, not being the Annual General Meeting


3.2.3         The Committee shall consider such nomination and, if they shall find in favour, their recommendation shall be put to the next Annual General Meeting for majority decision of the members present on that occasion.


3.2.4         The committee may recommend that an Honorary member be made Vice President. If the Annual General Meeting agrees to this proposal by a simple majority of the members present then the designation is given for life provided the Honorary member retains membership of the Society.  A Vice President is normally invited by the committee to participate in their meetings but is under no obligation to do so.



3.3            Disciplinary.


3.3.1         Where the conduct of any member is, in the opinion of the Society Committee, injurious to the interests or objectives of The Society, the Committee shall have power to expel the member from membership after due representations.


3.4            Subscriptions

3.4.1         The subscription to the Society shall be the sum of £10.00 payable each year on the 1st March.


3.4.2         The subscription shall be reviewed by the committee annually and any recommendation for variation shall be submitted by the Hon Treasurer to, and approved by majority of members present at an Annual General Meeting, and shall become effective from the 1st March thereafter.


3.4.3         Any member failing to pay the subscription within 6 (six) months of it becoming due shall be reported to the Committee who may direct that such member shall cease to be a member of The Society, provided that the member has been afforded a reasonable time within which to remedy the non-payment.


4.0            Management.


4.1            The Officers of the Society shall comprise the Chairman, the Honorary Secretary, the Honorary Treasurer and the Archivist. 


4.2            The management of The Society shall be by a Committee consisting of the Officers of The Society and the President together with four other members.


4.3            The Committee shall have the power to appoint sub-committees and shall have the power to co-opt other members with particular skills to assist the committee in the discharge of its functions.


4.4            The Committee shall meet not less than four times a year. A quorum shall be not less than two officers and two committee members. In the event of a voting tie, the Chairman shall have an additional casting vote.


4.5            The Committee shall seek to arrange general meetings in February, April and August annually. Each meeting shall be convened by Notice issued by the Hon. Secretary to each Committee member and notified in advance to the general membership.


4.6            The Committee shall have the power to resolve to defray out of the general funds of The Society such part of the costs of any Society function, as it may in its absolute discretion think fit.


5.0            Elections.


5.1            If the position of President of the Society shall fall vacant, the committee shall appoint an acting President from the membership of the Society. The committee shall recommend to the next Annual General Meeting that the member be confirmed as President and if agreed by a simple majority of the members present then the President shall assume office forthwith.  Normally the President is appointed for life but the President may choose to resign or exceptionally may be removed from office either by a vote of no confidence at a committee meeting or a vote of no confidence at the Annual General Meeting.



5.2            The Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and Archivist and four other committee members shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting and shall be eligible for re-election at the end of their period of office. Nominations for other members who wish to stand for election must be notified to the Honorary Secretary not less than 21 days in advance of the Annual General Meeting at which the decision is to be made. Those elected shall take office immediately. No member’s name may be considered by the Annual General Meeting without the Honorary Secretary being notified of the agreement of the member to stand and the support of two other members


5.3            The Committee may at any time co-opt any member of The Society to serve as an additional member of the Committee until the next Annual General Meeting.


6.0            Annual General Meetings.


                  6.1            The Committee shall arrange an Annual General Meeting of the Society in October each year.


6.2            At the Annual General Meeting, the Hon. Secretary shall submit the Annual Report, which shall have been sent to all members with the Notice convening the meeting and in any event not less than 14 days prior to the meeting itself.


6.3            The Hon. Treasurer shall prepare and submit to the Annual General Meeting an interim statement of accounts. An annual statement of accounts shall be sent to all members with the minutes of the February committee meeting.


7.0            Accounts.


7.1            The Committee has the power to resolve to expend the Society general funds in accordance with Rule 4.6.


                  7.2            The Hon. Treasurer shall present a statement of account annually in accordance with Rule 6.2.


7.3            The general funds of The Society are to be kept in a Bank and/or Building Society account at the direction of the Committee.


7.4            Cheques are to be signed by an officer of The Society from amongst the Chairman, Hon Secretary and Hon. Treasurer. The funds are to be applied by the Committee for the purposes of The Society.


8.0            Alteration to Rules.


8.1            No amendment of nor alteration to the Rules shall be made except at a General Meeting of The Society, of which notice stating particulars of the proposed amendment or addition shall have been sent to members not less than fourteen days prior to the date of the meeting.


8.2            No amendment of or alteration to these Rules shall be considered adopted by that meeting unless a majority of the total votes cast are in favour.




Constitution revised May 2016, incorporating amendments agreed at Annual General Meetings held on 6.10.2000, 18.10.2010, 6.10. 2013.



The Society of Old Priceans for staff and pupils of the former Prices Grammar School, Park Lane, Fareham, Hampshire founded 1721 demolished 1989.

Society of Old Priceans

Secretary and Membership Secretary