VI Science 1961 and Sports Day 1958

Alan Wells writes:

Who took these photos?

I remember winning a Victor Ludorum Cup at Prices but I think it was in the Minor category rather than Junior. Also I recall that Westbury won the Reid cup for the first time ( is this memory correct?)

Tom Hilton inspired my interest in chemistry and I subsequently had a rewarding career in chemical engineering in the oil industry both overseas and the UK.

Regards to Old Boys

Alan Wells

Possibly VI Science Class from Summer 1961
Top Left to Right Baker, Barry? Davies, M Heritage, Geoff Dimmick, Peter Vibert, Bob? Tyack, A. Clark
Mid P.Johnson,Clive Herring, G. Hindness, R.Gisbourne, Paul? Thomas, J. Hobbs, A. Wells
Seated Grimble,Eric? McLarty, H. Bevis, Pete? Tudge, Tim? Pugh, R.O. Smith

Sports Day 1958 100 yds Junior

Me winning the race.I can't name anyone else but some of the faces look familiar

Sports Day 1958 220yds Junior

Me coming second to Tim? Pugh.

There seems to be four teachers at the finish, one is Wick(Royds Jones) and I think the one second on the left might be Dog Iredale but am far from certain.


Sports Day 1958 Long Jump Junior

Me coming third in the event. I don't know the name of the winner.