Eric Butcher writes of Scout Camp with "Wick"

I found this picture of the Prices Scout Troop with me an John Coghlan,
I think in either 1941/42. We are both in the second row up. As seen, I am the second in from the right, and John is the second in from the left . The camp was at Rogate.
We camped in ridge tents, one of which can be seen in the background. The Scout Master was the Rev Royds Jones otherwise known as “The Wick” (nobody knows where his nick name came from).
I know the boy next to me is John Coghlan who was a close friend but cannot identify anyone else. I remember parents came to visit half was though the week to see what we were doing , with a number of cakes brought to help us survive. Best Wishes Eric Butcher ( dates at Prices 1941 to 1946)