Danny Walker remembers Southampton Football Club's Guide to better Trigonometry


It is wonderful discovering this website.

I attended in 1967-1972, but was an extremely bad pupil & left with only 3
`o` levels, however I went on to Fareham tech college to resit `o`s then
carried on to acheive 1 st Class DOT.

Now living & working in Texas where I have been for 2 years, after many
years in Africa.

I recall Mr "Jock" Daysh & to this day his mantra for trigonometry -

Saints On High (Sine  = Opposite over Hypotenuse)

Top Of All  (Tan = Opposite over adjascent)

Crabs Are Horrible (Cosine= Adjescent over Hypotenuse)

Saints being Southampton Football Club & Crabs being Portsmouth FC.


Danny Walker


Thanks for the responses, yes I do remember Mr Hunt, & also a bearded maths teacher, who we nicknamed 'bogbrush', he was ferocious in regard of homework I recall.

...Also the freezing dips in the school pool, egged on by Charlie, & cross country running around North Hill, I think it was. God, it seems like yesterday. I am only aware of a few people from my era, 2 of whom I understand work for the Census office at Segensworth - Robert Seymour, & Clive Powell.

I have one query, I recall a Latin teacher who went by the totally original nickname of 'Ghandi' but do not remember his real name & imagine he is long gone.

I have a brick from the library building obtained by a friend of mine when the old place was pulled down, It is mounted & remains a treasured posession, nostalgia becaomes more important, the older we get..

I retain a property in Greatham, which is between Petersfield & Bordon, not a million miles from you, & hope to return next year.

Currently I work as the Commercial Director for an American Co. & am overseeing a number of acquisitions, to attain the growth budget set for us by our Corporate Management, sounds grand, but is excrutiatingly tedious, hence the need to return & try something different. I am resident in a small town called Katy, aboout 40 miles West of Houston, so if your Texas Old Priceans want to get in touch I  would be happy to respond.

best regards