RAF Camp circa 1969


Here are the names I remember:
back from left
Charlie Alford, Ivor Blundell, ?Jumbo King?, ?, ?, Kev Kendall, ?, Julian Banks front from left ?, Kim Bennett, Gilbert, Briscoe, ?, ?
I'm sure others will be able to fill the gaps.

Charlie Alford

I do not know where it was, I was on a gliding course at Tangmere at the time, but Phil Hannam is the Flight Sergeant, to the left of Jewy Briscoe, and John Gilbert is the RAF VR(T) Pilot Officer, having re-joined the school as a master only that year.


Geoff Molloy writes: in the CCF (RAF section) photo, I recognise Kevin Kendall, back row, 3rd from right.