Mrs Dierdre Buckley

Our Archivist, Neale Fray, writes news of one of the School's few female teachers...

I am writing with the sad news that Mrs Buckley died of Covid in January. She died on 16th January in Salisbury Hospital. I only learnt of this whilst catching up with local village news on Facebook, hence they delay in passing this onto the society. I spoke to one of Dierdre's daughters, Penny, yesterday evening and passed on our condolences from the Society of Old Priceans.

I was reminded that the Buckleys were our neighbours when we moved into Shedfield Post Office in 1966. The Buckley familiy then moved to Shirrell Heath where they lived at Daysh's Farm, Hospital Road, from 1968 until 1982. I have very fond memories of Mrs Buckley. She would offer me the occasional lift home after orchestra practice, stopping at Pages Newsagent in Wickham Square to pick up her evening paper. I expect she realised it was a good walk from Price's to the bus station with bassoon and brief case in hand to catch the no. 53 home!

Whilst not excelling at music, I do have very happy memories of Mr (Bob) Gilbert, Mrs Buckley, the school orchestra and the music depatment. The bespoke hifi system with the speakers mounted into concrete pillars was state of the art in the 70s. It was always my aim to build a system with a Garrard 401 deck and SME arm. Alas this dream still remains unfufilled.

I have included a couple of photographs to include with this short letter in the next Old Priceans update.
Mrs Buckley was a Quaker and there will be a small service in March to remember her life. Penny would love to hear any recollections of her mother from pupils and staff.

Neale (Fray) 1970 to 1975