Mark Knight has provided some photos from the 1970s

He writes:
I've been having a bit of a clear-out at home and came across some photos and a newspaper cutting
from my time at the school which I thought you might be interested in.
  In date order, the files show the following:

Price's under 13 tennis squad, summer 1971 - A mix of 1st and 2nd year boys
Back row L to R - M Knight, Mr Hiles, R Horlock, D Pike, R John, M Radford, C Hartridge, M Hughes
Middle row - P Spear, I Hind, R Benmore, C Ruffels, R Clarke, N Beckett,
Front row - C Wilson, P Harvey, P Hunt

Basketball marathon
A cutting from what was then called the Portsmouth Evening News
Precise date unknown but circa December 1971, the caption on the photograph gives the story. 
The second form in question was form 2b which was Charlie Tuck's form that year.
Back row - referee, B Fletcher, A Hayward, C Lawton, N Frost, A Harris, I Hind, referee, referee.
Middle row - M Harrison, M Holliday, D Green, M Edwards, S Groves, M Knight, J Freemantle, C Innes, P Edwards.
Front row - N Fekri, P Leckie, R Kohnert, G Lawson, S Godwin, D Haines, P Harvey, N Fray

Prize winners 1972
I believe this is an assortment of 1st, 2nd and 3rd form prize winners at the December 1972 prize giving.
Some names I can give you as follows:
Back row - P Walters, A Cleake,
Middle row - ??, P Hunt, R Horlock, ??
Front row - D Pike, M Knight, ??, ??

RAF Wildenrath, Germany
Some members of the RAF section of Price's CCF went to camp at RAF Wildenrath in 1974 (or possibly 1975). 
Unfortunately, the photo is of all attendees at the camp so includes mainly boys from other schools but the Priceans shown are:
I Shields - standing, 7th from left
A Brown - standing, 16th from left
M Knight  - standing, 18th from left
M Callum - standing, 19th from left
R Horlock - standing, 20th from left
R Herbert - standing, 21st from left
Mr I Wilkie - seated, 5th from left
P Buckingham - kneeling, 5th from left
A McKenna - kneeling, 6th from left
There may be one or two others but those are the ones I can still remember almost 50 years later!