House of Commons visit 1963

Mike Bayliss writes:

Michael -

While sorting out some old junk, I came across a photo album I thought I had lost some years ago.  In it are various Price's photos which I may send you in due course, but in particular one of a combined Upper & Lower VIth Forms visit to the House of Comons in 1963, in the charge of Thacker and Howard-Jones.

>Michael -

I occurs to me that I may have omitted to include the names of the participants when I sent you the photo of the combined VIth forms visit to the House of Commons.  As I would rather you had them twice than not at all, here they are now, insofar as I can remember them or perceive who the half-hidden ones are!

L to R:  "Dozy" Dudson;  Johnny Beacon;  [hidden face];  Neil Auckland;  [hidden face];  Richard "Basil" Barnett; 
[forgotten name];  John "Jayo" O'Keefe;  Colin Knowleton;  [forgotten name];  John Mitchell; [forgotten name];  Mr R. Thacker;
[forgotten name];  [forgotten name];  [hidden face];  MP for Gosport & Fareham;  [forgotten name];  [forgotten name];
Mr "Taffy" Howard Jones;  a semi-visible John "Spud" Tanner;  [forgotten name];  [half‑hidden face - ?Garside];
[forgotten name];  [forgotten name];  ?Dowse;  [hidden face];  F.E.C. Gregory;  [forgotten name];  ?Myhill;  [forgotten name];
?Peter Gresham;  [hidden face];  ?Pipe;  self – Mike Bayliss

Mike Bayliss

( PS : I'm not really as tall as I appear in the photo  – I was standing on the steps!)

Peter Gresham offers:

Dear Michael

I was looking at the SOP website and noticed that Mike Bayliss had appealed for additional names for the House of Commons picture.  I think I can help with a few.

Starting from the left - between Neil Aukland and John O'Keefe  the chap standing straight and looking forward is Gordon (GJ) Steele.  To the right of J'OK, holding the dangling duffle-bag, might be JJ Thomas but I am not absolutely sure. Next to him is Eric Dunn.

The tall chap with long hair standing at the back and almost behind Reginald Bennett MP is Peter Kiddle. Between Bennett and Howard Jones are  AE  `Alf' Webb (Christopher?) Adams.

Next to Howard Jones is David Smith and next to him I can see Mick Duffy peering through. At the back, with specs on, is Tony Cope.

I have a hunch - not all that trustworthy after 43 years and with scarcely an eyebrow to go on - that the chap almost completely hidden behind the elevated Mike (I can confirm he was never that tall) may be Anthony Goldring.

I hope this is helpful. Someone else may be able to correct or confirm my memory.

Kind Regards