Frederick George Chalk

The Society received an enquiry from Droxford Church about Frederick George Chalk looking for information about him. The emailed as follows:

I am compiling a folder of information to go into the church for all service people mentioned in the church. He is commerated on a memorial plaque in Droxford church. I know that he was born 10th Sept 1914 and came to Price's on a scholarship from Droxford school. I would like to find out if there are any school records for him.


The memorial plaque can be found here:

The Lion for December 1926 mentions Chalk as follows:

The new boys this Term were allotted to the Houses as follows :-- Blackbrook : Tasker, Bark ii., McNeill, Frost, Hyland, Riley ii., Old. [Cams: Newbury i., Mitchell iii., Coleborn, Lea: Newbury ii., Gibson, Weavil, Gumbleton, School House: Mullins, Christmas i., Christmas Pickwood, Pettiter, Westbury : Praill i,, Chalk, Emmett, Knight, Russell, Gilbert, Saunders, Brookes ii., Westbrook, Matthews ii., Pope, Glover, Tod, Praill ii., Lockyer, Selfe.

The RAF Command Archives shows:

Malta crash, 5 June 1936

Malta crash, 5 June 1936 Author: HughAHalliday Time Stamp: 14:59:16 15 October 2004 Post: Related to my query re 1937, collision, F/O John Asher Sutherland (believed to be a Canadian in the RAF) died of injuries sustained in a crash in Malta on this date (AC1 Frederick George Chalk also killed). Aircraft reported to have been a Vildebeest. Can aircraft type and unit be confirmed ? Are any details available as to this crash ?

RE: Malta crash, 5 June 1936 Author: Chris Charland (Guest) Time Stamp: 02:24:08 16 October 2004 Post: Hi Hugh No. 22 (TB) Squadron was operating the Vickers Vildebeeste Mk. III at Hal Far, Malta. The squadron originally moved to Hal Far on the 10th of October 1935 as a reserve force during the crisis in Abyssinia. It was re-designated a torpedo bomber unit circa May/June of 1936. No. 22 (TB) Squadron re-located to Donibristle, Fife on the 29th of August, 1936.


RE: Malta crash, 5 June 1936 Author: Alan Smith (Guest) Time Stamp: 15:27:36 16 October 2004 Post: Hugh, Air Britain shows Vildebeest III K4608 of 22 Squadron suffered an engine cut after take-off from Hal Far, stalled and crashed with 2 killed. Presumably this is your aircraft and crew.