Cricket 1946

Ernie Grogan is remembered by his son, Jonathan

"Price's School Cricket Team 1946."

Front Row: K Nickless. AND Ashwell, LW Betts
Middle Row: GR Suggate, EJ Young (VCapt), BR Shaw, JD Cole (Capt/WK), RE Daysh, LEH Smith
Back Row: EW Grogan, DE Holt, Knight (Scorer), TF Gray, PCF Wilkins.

Michael Dad was a big fan of accurate detailed record-keeping and even drafted notes for his own eulogy (he died in April 2019), from which I have taken the following:

Entered Civil Service by Open Competition, January 1947. Assigned to Foreign Office. Transferred to Department of Education and Science on promotion by Open Competition, October 1949. Various promotions led to retirement in August 1988 as Principal (Chief Executive Officer). Served in several different Branches (Civil Service policy at that time was to move staff regularly - allegedly to broaden their experience and versatility). Last four years were as an administrative secretary to one of the Secretary of State's advisory councils.

In 1960s spent 3 years preparing and programming for DoES' first computer. Despite this early experience had many problems in later life with his own computer!

Two short secondments away from the Department - a year at the Treasury and three years at the National Economic Development Office as head of finance.

Did two years' national service (1947-49) as sergeant in the Royal Army Educational Corps, attached to the 11th Hussars in Germany, teaching other ranks up to school certificate level.

Always keen on sport. Main love cricket. Stroke playing batsman and tall fast bowler. Played four years in school first XI from age 14. Went on to play for several good London clubs - Hayes, Hendon, Bessborough, and played with and against some big Middlesex names - the Comptons, Jim Sims, Jack Robertson etc.


Jonathan Grogan