RAF Watton 1960

Dear Michael,

It was a real pleasure to attend the Prices lunch and to meet up with you and other 'old lags'. I have scanned in two pictures which might be of interest for the archives. Watton in Norfolk 1960 and Linton on ouse in Lincolnshire 1961.

My memory for 43 years ago is somewhat hazy but i do remember that the RAF camps to which Biscuits took us were fantastic fun. a mix of barely controlled anarchy and fun. I cannot recall which camp it was but I remember taking part in an after dark raid on the dormatory of the Charterhouse school which involved the sliding of a full and malodourous dustbin at high speed down the centre aisle between the beds of the slumbering toffs.

This was followed by a giggling scamper back to the Price's dormatory, rapid lights out and under the covers. About five minutes later an apoplectic regular NCO had the lights on and was screaming at us that we were all up for 'jankers'--- whatever that was and were to report on the parade ground at 7am. Ah happy days! I don't know if any other old lags can help my memory by putting names to faces. In the Watton picture (? means I cannot remeber who they are)

left to right back row first it goes Carpenter, ? Mclarty (went to medical school), Me, ?,?,??? ? Bennett, Roddis, Biscuits, Blake ? Mike Keith (joined the Foreign office) ??Bevis (nick named mouse)

In the Linton picture. Same naming scheme Mike Keith, Me ???????,Carpenter, ???, Latin master, Biscuits, ?, John Keith,???, Bevis ?? You can see how bad my memory is. Are there other pictures in the Prices archives? best wishes, Bob