Chris Lawton - Artefacts from Prices

Chris Lawton wrote:

I have been clearing out our old family house in Stubbington.

I found both my old blazers and some CCF army fatigues which I’m having dry cleaned.

Other finds include my Prices College Registration card (July 77 seems late), Silver Duke of Edinburgh Record Book signed by J.B.Chaffey (Geography and Geology) and Dave Hall (PE), hymn book covered in Sgt Pepper stickers and my Bible.

I remember Buzz Ellis ,“Who was the boy that said here comes Buzz?” telling us it was essential that we covered our Bibles in brown paper to protect them.

Also have found the standard history teaching text we used in our first 2 years, "Modern Europe 1789 to 1945". I remember Howard Jones (in army uniform) teaching us History which he seemed do with a knowing smile on his face.

Also located all my Geography and History A level notes as well as Politics/History papers from Lancaster University.

Regrettably all my old Mayfairs have disappeared.