Art Class in the Sixties

art class

Peter Ansell generously supplies a copy of a photograph for the Society Archives showing a class in progress. He names the third from the left as Peter Uden, fourth Richard Jones and fifth Peter Ansell. Also there are Leonard Holder and Bernard Hand, he thinks. Can you add names?

Interesting Michael, clearly my year!

Keefe is in centre, Neil Auckland is on far right and 2nd to the left of him I believe is me (with glasses and long lost hair!). To my left and right at back it looks like Antony Porter and possibly Freemantle immediately in front of the master.

Thanks for all the photos, quite a reminder.

Best wishes

Mel Cook

Dick Jones writes:

The Art Class of the 60's is from the early 60's as I left the school in
63/64. The face at the end of the 1st row back (ie the 9th from the
right!) is Dick Notton. Len Holder, not Holden.