Prices School 1947

Peter Callendar from Auckland, NZ has supplied a professionally scanned pristine copy of the school photo to supplement Michael Herbert's copy. The large file is here: Panorama 1947

Michael Herbert writes:

Dear Michael,
I have a rather tattered copy of the 1947 school photo. At that time the thought that many years later I would regret not having it framed did not enter my head.
As it has remained rolled it now has several cracks and a couple of inches of the left side is missing. However I have used it with some success in identifying myself (Top  row , 2 to the right of the right hand roof line) to old school friends found through this site


Top line from left(disregard  the one who seems to be between top and second)
5. John Williams,6 ?.Bannister, 7. Michael Salmon,
9. Michael Herbert, 10. Peter Gregory, 11. ?. Wilcox
12 ? Peter Chalmers, 15. Ray Hawkins, 17. ? Heath
19 Peter Bates 25 Brian Hughes
Second line from left(disregard the one who seems to be between top and second).
2 Brian Pearce, 3 ? Jarmain, 9 ? Attwood, 14 Keith Lee,
15 Roy Harrington, 16 Brian Colley, 18 Christopher Hammond,
Other faces are still familiar but the names have gone!!

Antony Porter supplies the same photo in sections: