Michael Simpson has found this picture from 1952/3 and writes:

Hallö Michael,
Here I am again.
I was clearing out some old photos today and came across this ancient photo. The original is about 2" square and it was taken with an antique bellows Kodak with a hole in the bellows, accounting for the splashes of light.I have scanned it and enlarged it as far as possible so that everyone is still recognisable. It must have been a Friday, because most of the boys are in CCF uniform. These were all boys out of my form at the time, I think either 3a or 4a - probable 1952 or 1953, but my memory may be playing me up. By a lucky chance I wrote the names of the boys on the back, and they are as follows:
Top left on his own: Herbert (Surname)
Back row: Brian "Bryl" Newman, Neville Tully Middle row: Michael Croad, Calendar, "Poppets" Payne, Front row: Shepherd, Leach, Rands The photo was taken on the grass bank leading down to the playing field.
I am amazed that this photo has survived.
Apart from Mike Croad, I don't think any of these guys are in the Association, but if you put it on the website it might call up some memories for others.
Mike Simpson


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