Kevin O'Carroll posts some sightings of former staff and writes:

Hello Mike,

enclosed is a picture taken about 4 or 5 years ago in the Chichester area I think, by Pete Border. Pete and I think the subject (unaware of being photographed) is none other than Bruce Vail, aka Twitch. It may be interesting to post it on the site and see what response it gets, and if anyone can actually confirm the subject's identity. Does anyone actually know of his whereabouts, and what he's up to?
In response to Digby James' comment about the old block/new block....I left Prices to live in Singapore in July 67, and returned September 68. During this absence the old block had been replaced by the new one which, upon my return, was still fairly new.
The 1973 photo....Hair !!!...What a lot of it.....I notice too that there appear to be a couple of beards and moustaches on pupils faces.....had school rules relaxed that much by then? In 1969 or 70 I remember being hauled in front of Poyner (for a then-unknown reason) along with, I think, Julian Cook and Trevor Chadburn. Stood in front of the desk, I confronted Eric who, without looking up at me, drummed out a devils tattoo on his desk with those big leathery hands of his, and asked: "O'Carroll...are you a member of a pop group or something?"  "No Sir" was the muted reply from self. "WELL GET YOUR BLOODY HAIR CUT THEN.......OUT".....and then quietly: "send in the next one"  End of audience with Eric. So the hair rules were definitely in force at that time.
And.......Charlie Tuck made me tie it back for the 69/70 1st XV picture....and I thought you were a hip guy, Charlie.....for which - see the second photo attached:  of Charlie and myself with Mark Burrows at "The Limes" in Catisfield, after the 2000 summer luncheon. Nice haircut . Charlie still remarkably fit and youthful in appearance, note. Also present at that gathering were Pete Border and Richard Corby, and Kelvin Parker who took the picture.


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