Ian Virgo provides a picture of the 1970/71 Rugby Squad

Back Row Left to Right:

TweakerBalchin, John Death, Phil Hannam, Keith Dennis, Andy Lowe, Mark Stanley, ?, ?, Adrian Elvin

Front Row Left to Right:

Mark Jones, Kenny Askew, Mark Fisher, Mick Ghenge (Capt), Ian Virgo, ?, Clive Powell

1st XV 70-71. The young lad in the front row, far right is Clive Powell.


Hello Mike,
Just looked at the Society's website and saw the 1970/71 season 1st XV rugby photo for the first time......a couple more names to add to that photograph, if you wish:
Either side of the gargantuan Andy Lowe (anyone know what became of him?) are Keith Dennis on his right, and on his left I'm certain is Mark Stanley who, the last time I saw him, was attaining similar dimensions to Andy.
On another note....could you ask around (or post a notice) about Mark Stanley?....he and I were good friends, and lost touch when he seemed to disappear from the face of the earth -absolutely everyone I asked knew nothing of his whereabouts. I knew at that time of some family tragedy (sudden death of one parent, I think) and have since sought his whereabouts without success - even an email to his sister remains unanswered. I'm happy for my email address to be made available to anyone.



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