Here is an unusual email received in response to our pages about school cruises:

My name is Jason Sprankle from Columbia, South Carolina, USA. I lived in England from 1968 to 1973 while my father was stationed in RAF Sculthorpe and then in RAF Lakenheath.

I had the pleasure of taking a cruise in 1970 aboard the SS Nevasa (Frobisher Dorm) but unfortunately have no photos of the inside of the ship.
I noticed you have a link on your site but I cannot access it. Is there a possibility that you have old photos you would be willing to share ? Dusting off the cobwebs in my memory has become a cumbersome task and the photos would certainly help!

Thank you in advance.
Jason B. Sprankle

The Secretary has found some slides taken on board SS Nevasa in November 1967. The original visit was intended to go to the Holy Land but the Six-day War of 1967 ended our chances of visiting Israel and Egypt.

Here are some pictures scanned from slides click on the picture to enlarge them:




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