The School Roller

Does anyone remember this Price's artifact?


Was the ancient school roller still there in your day? If so I wonder what happened to it when the school closed. 

I never actually saw it move from this spot, I presume Wilbur somehow manhandled it when we were in class - the horse disappeared into school dinners or somewhere long before my time!!

Photos were taken in the summer of '59 and shows the gentlemen of 5 Arts at the end of summer term, after GCE "O" Levels.

Apart from a view of the old science block and the legendary roller there are the antics of 5 Arts!
This (staged) tableau shows that Bill Thomas had obviously offended and is being held down by myself while the roller is propelled over him by Graham Fuller on the left side and from L to R: Mike Duffy, Archie Cumberbirtch and Paul Gritt. Bill was always up for a laugh as can be seen from the lady's hat ! Nobody got hurt but the roller was pretty heavy!
( I don't remember the origin of the headgear, will have to consult with Messrs Pope and Bridgland to see if they know the significance.)

The guys are - 
hanging from roller: Mick Pope
standing on roller: Pete Kiddle, myself, Mike Duffy
front row: Paul Gritt, Graham Fuller, Archie Cumberbirtch and Bill Thomas

Actually the second photo does show that the roller could move! good shot of the end of the old science labs too.
Hope you find these of interest, keep up the good work.

Malcolm D Paskins

Mike Smyth wrote:

I certainly do remember the school roller. In fact we used to be detailed off (in assembly if I remember correctly) to roll the 1st eleven cricket pitch - every day - during the summer term. the pitch being hallowed ground was roped off so that the lesser mortals should not bespoil it during break times. 


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