Mike Bayliss has provided some pictures of Patience from 1963

Michael -
I am sending you via BT Yahoo a scanned copy of the programme of the 1963 Price's production of Patience : the first Gilbert & Sullivan production at the school, as far as I am aware, under the auspices of the then-newish music master Ron "Acker" Boote, who played the part of Bunthorne in this extravaganza.   In the group photo you will see a suitably moustachioed John Chaffey as Colonel Calverly and a ditto Bob Gilbert as the Major.  (The other 'star' was John Cole as the Duke, not in this shot.)  I am behind Bob Gilbert, singing bass and hidden somewhere in the chorus.   (Some things never change - I still do that!)  All the other details are in the programme.
The other shot, taken just outside the school hall, is of Nigel Davies (centre) and Paul Donohoe (right) as Lifeguards.  You must admit that these uniforms look rather more dashing than the old CCF battledress!  Mine is the arm to the left of the picture : I have excised the rest, as I was looking more than averagely gormless in that photo.  I forget the name of the 'victim' of Davies' sword, half-hidden at the bottom of the photo. 
I have also now found stuff relating to later productions of The Gondoliers and Iolanthe, which I will send you in due course.
Mike Bayliss



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