The Society of Old Priceans

For pupils and staff of the former Prices Grammar School, Fareham
Founded 1721 Closed 1989

Academic Achievements

For the 2008 Exhibition David Williams carefully examined the achievements of pupils from the earliest days of our records.

Here is a list of Oxford & Cambridge Entrants together with other notable awards.

Here is are the records of the three Headmasters in the period until 1975

Stephen R. N. Bradly Headmaster from 1908-1934

George A. Ashton 1934 - 1959

Eric A. B. Poyner 1959-1964, 1965-1971 and 1972-1975

Here is an analysis of how the Sixth Form of the School grew from 0 pupils in 1925 to 400 in 1975.