Mike Mallett has found a very unusual souvenir.

Barry Kadleck recalls:

Re: Detentions... Here are a few scant memories:

There were (at least) 3 types of detention: Headmaster's, Master's and Prefect's). It was obviously easiest to get the Prefect one!

In my time, I had the "privilege" to receive all three!

Perhaps not surprisingly, although easiest to receive, the Prefect detention was the most severe. The worst I remember had us each holding a chair at arms length. If we let it drop slightly, we were rapped under the arms with a long blackboard rule. Nasty b*ggers - they are probably tax inspectors now!

The Masters detentions were reasonably OK - generally consisting of essay writing. Never any of the torture tactics imposed by our peers.

I only receive a Headmaster's detention once, with a friend (I cannot remember the heinous crime we were accused of though). This was actually the easiest of all (at least in our case - perhaps Eric was in a hurry to get home)... He kept us waiting in the hall for some 20 minutes, during which time our fear grew to monumental proportions. When he appeared, the only words he spoke were "I'd better take your names, boys...". Then "good night".

S pratelskym pozdravem / Saludos / Cordiali Saluti / mit freundlichen Grüßen / met vriendelijke groet / with best regards / avec mes meilleures salutations / med vänliga hälsningar


All the talk of detentions reminds me of the 1969/70 upper sixth who had the bright idea of making wicked little boys write out a chapter from the Bible. We had the idea of producing a hand-written version. I don't think we got very far as word got round and we were forbidden to continue by Eric Poyner. I wonder what happened to those chapters that were written. I feel sorry for any poor kid who was given Psalm 119 to do

Dr Digby L. James


Here's one for the memory board Mike:
Prefect's detention (or "quad"...anyone know why?)....under the evil eye of a senior prefect, who now just happens to be the biggest member of the currentSOP's commitee..............
Anyway...the task assigned by the aforementioned large person was to write an essay on "the sex life of a piece of coal".   The nonsense presented by my good self after one hour, and the appropriate protestations got me a fat lip, and the associated seeping red stuff.!  Wouldn't get away with that nowadays,...............................
........would you, Andy? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aaaahh!, happy days!  (they were, too)
Seriously though - what about the origin of the term "quad" anyone ?
Regards to everyone, including the gargantuan one !!
Kev O'Carroll


Hello Michael,

Was interested to see the photos and the Detention Card. I can't remember the latter either, even though I was certainly no stranger to detention. My guess is that the card was used before my time and that it was replaced by detention books some time in the 60s (I'm still looking for the 1967-68 one).



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