Prices CCF RAF Section 1970

Martin Lyon has sent this fine picture of Prices "Few"

Brian Moxey has recognised some and the Secretary can recognise others:

Back row from left: 1st Daysh??. Son of the master, 2nd Steve Kimberley, [4th Mark Burrows (from Nigel Balchin)] 5th Martin Lyon, [8th Moore] last Bryan Gamblin

Front From left [2nd Robson] 3rd Jeremy Snowball, 4th Cowan?? 5th me, [Mr Briscoe] [Harris?] 9th ? Scott. He joined the RAF too and was in the Red Arrows


Photo taken in the early 70's "Arduous Training".  I believe this one is in Leek, Staffs. Quite appropriate given Ross Kearns' posture in the background behind Mister Hill and Colonel Howard-Jones.

Howard Cook

I attended the CCF camp held in Duisburg in 1973.  Excellent camp led by Mr. Reidler.  Photo attached is of Stalwarts swimming in the Rhine.

Howard Cook

CCF Band 1943

Richard Pook writes:
The following are believed to be the aspiring musicians!

L to R  Back Row:
K. Hammond, L. Jarvis, A. Forsyth, J.O.Neville, R. Johnston, C. Stubbington, L. Bauer, J.R.Smailes.
Front Row:
D. Harvey, R.H.Pook, E.E.Smith, D. Fuller, J.F.Maffey, S. McKenna, M. Fairhurst, J.R.Hughes, A Bowmaker.
Seated in Front:Left - K.R.Joint                Right- J.D. Shepherd

Greetings Michael:

You will recall that back in May you put me in touch with Steve Blake who had enquired of you about Hampshire Regimental badges. Well, Steve and I have had several interesting exchanges of e-mail, thank you, out of which has come the attachment hereto which is said to be the cap badge, in white metal, of Prices Cadets at some time.It is obviously "our" lion (more correctly the lion of William Price's family heraldry) and 1721 is our founding. 1908 escapes me at the moment.
I don't know if we have an archivist at this time but maybe you or someone has knowledge of the origin? Perhaps it was not a cadet corps cap badge at all,  but an early school cap emblem? (Before the embroidered one that we all remember.) Or?
In any case it would be a nice picture to post on the web!

Cheers and thanks,

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