Michael, ...

.... as for Bollligrew - that's me in top left and bottom right, playing Squire Blackheart, complete with dodgy moustache and plastic armour.
The Nevasa cruise brings back fond memories - I was on that one (I've another photo somewhere - I'll see if I can dig it out and forward it) I also remember Andy Dykes kicking over a flask of battery acid somewhere in the back streets of Pireaus and badly burning his leg, Phil Cooper sufering horribly from seasickness, and winning the fancy dress competition with a load of girls from Brune Park in Gosport as the St Trinian's school party. I hope no photographs of that still exist - they could prove embarrassing (I was the Headmistress!)
Keep up the good work
Best wishes
Geoff Molloy (1967-74)


The Society of Old Priceans for staff and pupils of the former Prices Grammar School, Park Lane, Fareham, Hampshire founded 1721 demolished 1989.

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