David Tooley (1964-1969) recalls 1964 Form 1c (Mr Boot)

........ those tortuous cross country runs that 'Tuck' used to stitch us up with over the back of beyond.  It all seems like yesterday, I remember my school days vividly.  I also remember all the characters in our class. 

Noakes certainly comes to mind, ...  Also Todd, his partner ...  Wheeler, the sporty lad, I hated him, he excelled in everything he did...ratbag.  Plumpton and Robson, the football wizards.  Ian Virgo, who sat next to me in our first year.  Stribley called horse because of his strange running stance, but a really nice guy.  Mitchell, me and him worked in an old dears garden as voluntary work down Trinity street.(Another really nice bloke)  ....

Slocombe..  I remember he was the first one in our year to buy a motorbike.  A 125cc Yamaha, complete with fairing, went like the clappers.  We used to bunk off CCF sometimes for a ride out on it.  .....

Nicky Retzler, whose mother was sadly killed in a car accident during the late 60's.  I could write a book on my school days at Prices, and in fact may well do so.  They were great times, and it's sad that the present youth will never have what we had to look back on.


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